Wellington Bridge update

The Contractor has completed placement of concrete for the new bridge deck and for the Wabash (south) side bridge approach slab. They have constructed the bridge sidewalk and have completed the barrier on the west side and are close to completing the east side barrier. All of the MSE Walls have been constructed. They have completed all of the sewer work and the majority of the new concrete pavement on the Ellendale (north) side of the bridge.
The work remaining to be completed includes:
-The remainder of the bridge east barrier walls,
-Ellendale (north) side bridge approach slab,
-Wabash side approach pavement (which includes placement of a fair amount of granular fill between the bridge and the I-44 overpass)
-Installation of sewers on the Wabash approach
-Construction of the entrance to BNSF RR Property
-Construction of barrier walls off of the bridge on the north and south approaches
-Construction of sidewalk & curb on the Wabash approach
-Complete construction of sidewalk & curb on the Ellendale approach
-Install fence on bridge and the approaches as shown on the plans
-Mill and asphalt resurface on Ellendale side from St. James to Picadilly
-Install guard rail on Ellendale side
-Install new street lights
-Complete installation/connection of water main and gas main crossing the bridge. Gas cannot occur until winter heating season ends.
Much of the above listed work is weather/temperature sensitive.
Per our schedule this work is expected to take six WORK weeks (or thirty WORK days), meaning that we would not expect to have many WORK days available during January and February and possibly into early March. It should be noted that if we get a day or two of “good” weather during January and February, we may still be hindered with placement of fill or concrete pavement if the ground is frozen. We are therefore looking at later in April or into May for completion.

Merry Christmas And a Happy Holiday season

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas And a Happy Holiday season. I appreciate you allowing me to represent you and our neighborhood. I would like to thank all the neighbors that sent cards and well wishes. Also please be careful if the weather gets bad.