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FRIDAY MAY 2 EARLY ENTERY 3-5  P M.    $3:00




FRIDAY MAY 2    5 P M – 7  P M  FREE



SATURDAY MAY 3   8  A M   – 1  P M














314- 645-9025






Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

Lindenwood park cleanup

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

Requesting all hands on deck this morning to beautify the park for the summer ahead.  Planting flowers, preparing flower beds, picking up trash and debris.  Please meet us at the pavilion by the tennis courts.  We’ll be in the park from 9 a.m.-noon.  Please bring tools and put your name on them. 

This is OUR neighborhood, be a part of it’s ongoing success.  Volunteers take care of the gardens.  Thanks in advance to the Parks and Forestry teams for getting us the mulch and taking care of the grass/trees/trash cans/park building/facilities.

Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

Lindenwood Park Clean up is TOMORROW

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

Please share this reminder that the Lindenwood Park Clean up is TOMORROW, Saturday, April 26th from 9 a.m. – noon.  This is our chance to spruce up the park for the season ahead.  Volunteers take care of all the flower beds in the park and volunteers are needed in force tomorrow to help with a few plantings, spreading mulch and general sprucing up of the park. 

Scout troops, youth groups, religious groups, service clubs and neighborhood residents are encouraged to contribute to maintaining our home and property values by sharing  a couple hours at the park.  Please bring shovels, pitch forks, wheelbarrows, planting tools and please put your name on all items.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for fellowship, snacks and to create a sense of accomplishment!

Craig Strohbeck

Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

Lindenwood Park Crimes & Happenings Report

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

Lindenwood Park Crimes & Happenings Report for the Week of April 14th
Incident: Stealing from a Motor Vehicle           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 67xx Plainview  
Date: 4/12/14 to 4/15/14 
Summary: Victim states during the dates and times indicated, person(s) unknown stole the listed property from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked outside of his residence. There was a delay in reporting because he did not think he needed to report it until advised to do so by his neighbor who is an officer.
Incident: Theft of Property/Services O/$500.00          
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 66xx Arsenal  
Date: 4/17/14  
Summary: Victim Norma M., who is blind, stated she was at home between the indicated date and times.  Before going to bed, she closed the rear bedroom door and placed her purse on the floor in the front room where she sleeps.  Victim woke up at approximately one hour after going to sleep to use the restroom.  Victim discovered while enroute to the restroom, the rear bedroom door was open.  It was not the way she had left it. 
Victim returned to the front room and checked her purse where she had placed it on the floor .  She noticed that her Bank America debit card, and $40.00 in US currency were missing from it. 
Victim believes her adopted daughter, who has been identified as a habitual runaway, came home and opened the rear window and later returned.  I checked the rear window and it was closed but unlocked.  Victim advised me she had a wooden stick wedge against the window to secure the window. The daughter has been reported missing on 3/30/14. An investigation to locate any witness (es) or suspect (s) was unsuccessful.




Incident: Burglary 2nd (Garage)          
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 60xx Juniata  
Date: 4/5/14 to 4/18/14 
Summary: District Two Officers received a call for a “Burglary” at 60xx Juniata.  Upon arrival they were met by the victim who informed them of the following: 
Victim stated she was last in her garage approximately two weeks prior to the date this report was taken.  On April 18 at approximately 9:30 a.m. she entered her garage in order to retrieve a rake and observed the contents of the garage to have been ransacked.  She stated further that the side door to her garage was locked and secured as well as the overhead garage door.
An inventory of the contents of the garage revealed a stroller, a tent, a chainsaw, a patio table w/chairs and miscellaneous tools to be missing. Victim stated she cleaned the garage and moved all of the property that had been disturbed after she observed the ransacked state.
I observed the contents of the garage to be in an orderly fashion.  I did not observe any signs of forced entry at any window or door.  Victim stated she is the only person who has access to the garage door opener and key to the side door.  A point of entry was not able to be determined.
ETU was not contacted due to the scene having been cleaned by the victim.


Incident: Stealing U/$150.00           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 32xx Hampton, U Gas 
Date: 4/18/14 
On April 19, 2013, store manager Lenny P. was reviewing the surveillance footage from the night prior to determine if liquor was stolen from the business during the overnight hours. Upon reviewing the footage, he observed a black female take a bottle of Hennessy Liquor off the shelf and place it inside of her purse. The female proceeded to the cashier counter where she paid for other merchandise and gas using a `Telecheck.` The female did not pay for the bottle of Hennessy as it remained inside of her purse. The unidentified female passed all points of purchase and exited the gas station driving a grey Chevy Impala, bearing IL license plate number R211591. It should be noted `Telecheck` is an electronic check system used by `U` Gas wherein the customer can present a blank check which is ran through the `Telecheck` system to determine if they can accept the check for the indicated amount. The
cashier did not verify the identity of the female and the check endorser is not documented in the `Telecheck` transaction receipt which is kept on file by `U` Gas personnel. The aforementioned vehicle bearing IL license plate number R211591 is registered to Nakia H. with an Illinois address. At this time, I am unable to verify the identity of Nakia H., but it should be noted Nakia H. did receive a traffic ticket in the Frontenac jurisdiction on April 17, 2013 while driving the mentioned vehicle. A copy of the surveillance footage was seized and packaged as evidence.

IL license plate number R211591 was entered as wanted for “Stealing under $150″.



P.O. Vince Stehlin

Lindenwood Liaison Officer

District Two  


Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

Epiphany’s Annual Flea Market

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website


6596 Smiley Ave. St. Louis, Mo.63139


Epiphany’s Annual Flea Market will be held Thursday, June 26 from 6-8 pm with a $3.00 dollar entrance fee. Friday June 27th

& Saturday June 28th from 9:00am to 3 pm.  Sunday June29

from Noon until 4 pm. Maybe you are still going to do some spring cleaning or you my know someone who is moving and wants to make the load a little lighter.  We accept all items EXCEPT clothing, televisions, telephones, entertainment centers, mattresses or excerise equipment.  You can drop off your donations starting June 2 through June 23rd at the gym Monday through Friday 8:30 Am to 12 noon and to 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm.  We have two (2) drop off weekends scheduled for Saturday June 7th and 14th from 8:30 am until Noon. We also have a few evening drop of days, Wednesdays,June 4th,11th and 18th from 6  to 8 pm. The last day to drop off will be June 23rd from 8:30am to 3:30 pm. We are counting on your donations to fill our gym, so keep us in mind.


WE ARE IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS. If your are a student in need of service hours, we could use your help; we need young strong bodies! We also need adult volunteers to help with pricing. To volunteer please contact one of our Flea Market Co-chairs: Barb Burk 781-7879; Rich Huelsmann 619-8622/645-5941 or Helen Kunz, 647-8146.          If you are unable tp bring your donations to us, we will have pickups on certain days.  Please give us ADVANCED notice for pickups so we can schedule them.


In conjunction with th Flea Market we are collecting gently used clothing for the Homeless. Sister Chris is in great need for the people that she works with at the various homeless shelters. Please box the clothing SEPARATELY from the Flea Market donations.




Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

lindenwood park update

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

There’s always a lot of fun things to do in the Lindenwood Park Neighborhood, and the Association has wanted to pass along these events for this month and next you might like to take part in:
April 22 ~ Tweetup/Happy Hour
5:30pm @ 3500 Winehaus on Watson

April 26 ~ Lindenwood Park Spring Cleanup
9:00am @ Lindenwood Park

May 25 ~ Lindenwood Live Concert in the Park
6:00pm @ Lindenwood Park

You can find more events in the neighborhood on our redesigned website.

Find out more about the Lindenwood Neighborhood Association and south St. Louis on our redesigned website. 

We sponsor many activities and opportunities for our residents and friends. We hope to see you at some of those events!

Facebook Link
You can also get quick updates and join the conversation about the neighborhood on Facebook.

Come join our group:


Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

Crimes & Happenings Report for the Week of April 7th

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website
I also would like to thank Janet Desnoyer and the two people that made an impact statement at court today. Due to their efforts the person doing crimes in our neighborhood received 15 years.

Sorry for the delay, I’m one week behind due to having to work the Hot Spot Detail, I will have the week of 4/14 later this week
Lindenwood Park Crimes & Happenings Report for the Week of April 7th
Incident: Illegal Dumping           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 62xx Potomac  
Date: 4/8/14
Summary: Witness stated he observed several men exit a truck bearing Missouri license plate HF827S. The truck bore a placard for Hard Hat Construction. The men placed broken pieces of lumber and dry wall and a tarp into the residential dumpster.A computer check of Missouri license plate HF827S revealed no valid registration in the Department of Revenue`s files.
A computer check of Hard Hat Construction through the Missouri Secretary of State`s online database revealed Tony N. as the listed business owner. I issued Tony N. a summons for “Illegal Dumping” and “Prohibited Refuse Placed in Container.” Neighbors, please keep your eyes open for this truck if you see it around. 
Arrest: Burglary Crew Detectives arrested Jason H. (w/m, 12/19/95) at Jamieson/Fyler for an active wanted out of Richmond Heights for “Robbery”. Jason H. is a member of a group in the area calling themselves the “Boogie Squad.” You may remember from an earlier email where officers were attempting locate this subject while at a residence on Pernod, however, he ran off as officers arrived.
Incident: Theft of Property/Services Under $500.00           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 69xx Plainview  
Date: 4/9/14
Summary: Victim reported that some unknown individual(s) removed an unloaded firearm from his glove box of his vehicle between 12:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. The vehicle was unlocked and parked in the drive way of his girlfriend`s residence.  It appeared that some unknown subject(s) had gone through his center console, glove box, and lowered the sun visors.
Incident: Stealing Under $150.00           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 64xx Chippewa  
Date: 4/5/14 to 4/9/14 
Summary: Victim contacted this department to report the front plate was stolen off her vehicle, while parked on the street in front of the above location.
Incident: Trespassing           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 66xx Arsenal  
Date: 4/10/14  
Summary: Subject Jacob E. (w/m, 3/19/93) was observed in the victim’s backyard. Jacob E. tried the door handle to the victim’s garage door. Both were locked. Victim has had problems with the subject in the past. A wanted was placed on the subject for “Trespassing on Private Property.”
Arrest: District Two Officers received a call to 66xx Odell for a domestic disturbance I which the caller stated her son was wanted by police and had been stealing money from her. The son, Alexander P. (w/m, 5/14/92) is a member of a neighborhood group called the “Boogie Squad.” Alexander P. was located in the house and arrested for a parole violation and other warrants. The district detective bureau will follow up on the theft complaint.
Incident: Identity Theft           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 62xx Bradley  
Date: 4/10/14  
Summary: District Two Detectives were contacted by the victim who advised that person(s) unknown had used her social security number to file taxes with the Internal Revenue Service for the fiscal year of 2013.Victim continued to state that when she attempted to file her taxes she was notified by the IRS that her social security number was already used to file on another account. The IRS did not provide any further pertinent information to the victim.
Incident: Stealing Under $150.00/Wanted           
Neighborhood: Lindenwood Park
Location: 69xx Chippewa  
Date: 4/11/14  
Summary: Victim reported that an acquaintance of hers, Davin S. (b/m 03/29/90) had responded to her residence and had asked to use her cell phone.  Victim did not comply with Davin S`s. request.  Victim had left her phone in her bedroom.  When Davin S. had left the premises the victim noticed that her phone was missing.  There was no one else inside her residence at the time the phone came up missing except for Davin S. A wanted was placed on the subject for Stealing.   


Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States

scrap metal drive

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
cell number 314-718-0131
Ward 23 Website

We plan to fill one more container.


So call the church or bring items in.  One week to go.


Thanks.  Your emails touch a lot of people.  Many have said they heard about the scrap metal drive through your email or a friend or family member that gets your email.



Timothy Lutheran Church 
Corner of Ivanhoe and Fyler

  • The scrap metal drive begins in just over a week!
  • Start searching for your valuable junk!
  • The lot will be open all Saturdays in April!
  • We will pick up if needed!
  • Call the church office @ 314-781-8673 for more information
  • See the lists below…might trigger a memory of “junk” you forgot!


Items we accept…


A/C Condensers
Appliance Cords
Auto Rims
Auto Rotors & Drums
Bakery Trays & Carts
Metal Bed Frames &

Head Boards
Brake Linings
Bullet Shells (empty)
Canoes & Boats
Cars (with title)

Car Radiators & Batteries
Carbide Bits
Carbide Shanks Cast

Catalytic Converters

Chairs & Furniture
Chain Link Fence
Chimney Pipe
Computers Condensers & Radiators
Copper Sheet


Crutches & Walkers
Doors (no glass)

Drill Bits

DVD players
Electric Motors Electrical Wires & Cords
Fan Blades
Farm Equipment
Fence Pipe
Fenders, Hoods
Flag Poles
Frying Pans
Heater Cores
Holiday Lights
Lamps & Light Fixtures

Lawn Furniture
Lawnmowers (no fluid)
Lead Pipes/Wheel Weights

Light Ballasts

Litho Plate

Metal Tables
Motor Housings
Musical Instruments

Ornamental Fencing

Outboard Motors
Padlocks/Keys Pipes
Plumbing Pipes
Pot Belly Stoves
Pots & Pans
Romex Wire
Roofing & Gutters
Screws, Nuts, Bolts
Serving Trays
Swing Sets
Shovels & Rakes
Snow Blowers (no fluid)

Steel chairs & furniture

Telephone Cable
Trailers (no tires)
T.V. Antennae
Waffle Irons
Windows (no glass)
Window Blinds
Window Weights



Items we DON’T accept:

Air Conditioners w/CFCs

Light Fixtures w/Ballast PCB

Steel Drums w/o certifications

Refrigerators w/o certifications


Batteries not separated with load

Dirt, Concrete, Trash, Wood

Material w/asbestos

Compressor Motors w/oil

Containers or tanks w/o holes & certificate

Radioactive material

Auto bodies containing:


Engines w/oil

Gas takes w/o holes


Joe Vaccaro
6227 hancock
st louis Missouri 63139
United States