Crime Report for the Week of August 28th

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Joe Vaccaro
23rd Ward Alderman
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Northampton Crime Report for the Week of August 28th


8/28/17 @ 2035 (49xx block of Tholozan) Peace Disturbance: A neighbor called for subjects yelling and cursing in front of this address. Officers arrived and placed all parties under arrest for the above charge.

8/31/17 @ 1400 (35xx S. Kingshighway) Larceny: Suspect 
(B/M wearing a black t-shirt, jean shorts, suspect has a crippled right hand) asked to see a new Apple I-Phone 7 and when the sales associate set the phone down on the counter the suspect grabbed it and ran out the door running north on Kingshighway and out of sight.

8/31/17 @ 0600-0940 (34xx block of Macklind) Stolen Auto: Victim reported her Tan 1994 Buick Century stolen from in front of her residence.

8/30/17-8/31/17 @ 1900-1000 (49xx block of Oleatha) Larceny: Victim reported between the indicated dates and times person(s) unknown gained entry to his vehicle – via either the vent windows or regular windows, which were not closed completely and stole multiple tools.

8/31/17-9/1/17 @ 2000-0800 (49xx block of Oleatha) Att. Stealing of a MV: 
Victim reported that unknown person(s) cut the side casing and ignition wires in a failed attempt to steal his motor-scooter while it was parked and chained to a tree at the listed location.

8/31/17-9/1/17 @ 1245-0615 (32xx block of Regal) Larceny: Victim reported person(s) unknown entered her unlocked vehicle and stole a credit card.

8/31/17-9/1/17 @ 1200-0630 (56xx block of Hancock) Larceny: Victim reported person(s) unknown entered his unlocked vehicle and stole his wallet and other personal items.

9/1/17 @ 1410-1414 (50xx block of Pernod) Destruction of Property: Witness reported he was inside of his apartment and heard a loud crash coming from the apartment next door to his.  When he exited his apartment, he heard, what he believed to be, the sound of person(s) stepping on glass.  When he made his way over to the gangway he observed a black male wearing dark clothing running towards the alley and then fleeing west from this location. Officers discovered glass broken out of a side entry door. No entry gained.

9/3/17 @ 1304 (Walgreens) Fraud:  Two unknown black females entered the store together. They went to separate registers and purchased a total of four Visa Gift Cards valued at $500 at each using stolen credit cards.

Southampton Crime Report for the Week of August 28th


8/28/17 @ 1236 (53xx block of Chippewa) Robbery 1st: Suspect (b/m,35-40yrs old; 6’0-6’2 150-160lbs; dark complexion; bad teeth, sunglasses; blue 
Cardinals bird on bat ball cap with red bill; gray/white pants, blue t-shirt, dark Chuck Taylors with red shoestrings, armed with a dark handgun)
 entered through the north door.  
He walked around briefly, choosing two bags of chips.  He approached the counter and the clerk asked if he wanted a bag.  The suspect then demanded all the money from the drawer, along with any under the counter.
  He then demanded all the Newport cigarettes.  Suspect fled out the south door, towards Macklind.



8/29/17 @ 0913 (55xx block of Sutherland) Burglary/Arrest
Officers responded for a “Burglar in the Building” call at 55xx Sutherland. The witness stated the victim is currently in a care facility due to a recent stroke and he is doing work on her home. As he entered the residence, he heard noises coming from within and confronted the suspect inside the home. The witness fled out the front door and contacted Police.  District Officers and Burglary Squad arrived and obtained suspect description from the witness.  Burglary Squad officers recognized the description as that matching the victim’s next door neighbor, who they had contact with during a “suspicious person” call on 8/25/17, near that location. They responded to 55xx Sutherland and detained the subject
A line-up was conducted and the witness positively identified the subject as the burglary suspect.  Investigation revealed entry was made through a side window. The victim’s property, including a purse, jewelry and electronics, was located stacked by the back door and in the gangway.  A “consent to search” for the subject’s residence was obtained and additional victim’s property located inside.
 Subject was booked and charged as indicated.

8/29/17 @ 1206 (Schnucks) Larceny/Arrest: A district two commander
 was alerted to a subject who was leaving the store with unpaid merchandise. When confronted, the subject was unable to provide a receipt. The Lieutenant attempted to take the subject the subject into custody at which time he began to resist. After a brief struggle, the subject was secured. Subject booked at South Patrol without further incident.

8/29/17-8/30/17 @ 0830-1000 (42xx block of Hereford) Destruction of Property: Victim reported person(s) unknown scratched his vehicle on both sides while parked in front of this location.

9/1/17 @ 1650 (49xx block of S. Kingshighway) Recovered Property: Officers received a call to the above location for a recovered article. They were met by the branch manager who stated a four door, Silver, Chevrolet, Cruz was just returned and they where getting ready to clean it. While doing there interior inspection he observed a bag on the floor, underneath the passenger seat. Upon looking in the bag, he observed a black handgun, he then contacted this department. Firearm was conveyed to department lab.

9/1/17 @ 0936 (52xx block of S. Hampton) VMCSL/Prostitution: Officers received 
a radio assignment for a disturbance, a further investigation revealed that subject #1 solicited subject #2 
for a sexual act.
As the act was about to begin, an argument ensued over what act should be performed and what was a reasonable price for the act. When terms could not be reached, both subjects later called the police on the other participant. Search incident to arrest revealed subject #2 was in possession of suspected Marijuana, Cocaine, and 
Heroin. Both subjects were booked and charged.

9/2/17 @ 1320-1330 (52xx block of Winona) Larceny: Victim reported between the indicated times on today`s date, while he was moving into this residence, person(s) unknown stole his bike, which he had leaning against the front door on the porch.

9/2/17 @ 1346 (45xx block of S. Kingshighway) Robbery 1st: The suspect (B/M 20-25, 5’8” Heavy build, shoulder length dreads with blonde tips, dark T-shirt, basketball shorts)approached the counter with his hand in his pocket and told the clerk, “open the cash register and give me all the money. The clerk handed the suspect approximately $100 and the suspect fled out the front door.       

9/3/17 @ 0100-0600 (52xx block of Itaska) Stolen Auto: Victim reported his motor scooter stolen from in front of this location.

Lindenwood Park Crime Report for the Week of August 28th


8/29/17 @ 0023 & 0209 (U-Gas) Larceny: (2) gas drive-offs.

9/2/17 @ 1222 (31xx block of Ivanhoe) Destruction of Property: Victim and his girlfriend were involved in an argument and the victim left the residence to avoid a further argument. When he returned his apartment was ransacked and his clothes were thrown out the window and his I-phone was placed in a bucket of water. Female suspect was placed as wanted for the incident.

9/2/17 @ 0315 & 0511 (U-Gas) (2) gas drive-offs. 

P.O. Vince Stehlin

Lindenwood Park Liaison Officer

District Two 



Date:             Monday, September 11, 2017

Time:             7:30 – 9pm

Place:            Watson Terrace Christian Church

                        4205 Watson Road (corner of Watson and Winnebago)


Featured  Speakers:          Aldermanic President Lewis Reed

                                                16th Ward Alderman Tom Oldenburg


Topic:                        Community Benefit Agreements


-Neighborhood Association announcements will be shared

-Lawn and Garden Contest Winners will be recognized

-Officer Vince Stehlin will provide a Public Safety Report

-Alderman Vaccaro and Alderman Oldenburg will report on Neighborhood issues

-State Representative Baringer will be available for questions



There will be an opportunity to sign a Neighborhood Impact Statement in the case of Kyeon Williams, an individual accused of committing multiple burglaries in the 23rd Ward.



  • Note:  Parking is available in the lot of the Watson Medical Building, 3915 Watson Road (corner of Watson and Lindenwood).

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